Friday, 8 November 2013

Brrrr it's cold around here!

And it was time for a new jumper... One year on the little puppy has grown and outgrown his coat from last year... remember?

So mummy put her hands into action and cut into an old skiing jumper and voilĂ , look at Feli's new jumper:

He looks so grown up on year on... and so smart in his big boy haircut! So if you have a little puppy or doggie and an old sweater or jumper around... you can also make them something cosy for their cold winter walks.

So a little tutorial...

First pick an old sweater or t-shirt (it does not need to be long sleeves but better if it is a warm one). Feli really liked this one apparently!

Then cut the sleeves off and use the shoulders to mark the sleeves for the front paws. Then mark the sides to fit the dog's back. The tummy side may need to be smaller, but we will do that later.

Baste stitch and try it on the dog to make sure it is comfortable. Then sew all around and cut the seam allowance to 1cm. If the neck opening is too big you can also take it in to make it smaller. Finally cut the tummy side open through the middle and add Velcro so you can close it to fit the dog snugly.

Finally mark where the legs and end of the back are and trace a wavy line (just like in the picture). Cut and sew all around the edges with a zig zag stitch. And voilĂ , new winter outfit ready!

Now we can go out warmly!


  1. Og my goodness this is so cute...

  2. He does look so handsome! Thank you for this how-to. i know exactly what my little Henry is getting for Christmas :-)
    E xx

  3. Such a cute boy with a cute sweater! Thanks for the tutorial...

  4. What a great idea! :) My little Samson (about the same size) would like that.

  5. Cute sweater for an adorable dog!!!


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